The Property Committee has managed to put our church into the 21st Century. We installed wireless, password protected, cable internet and phone service at the church. We now have a group email to get information to the congregation quickly that reaches about 98% of the members and the few remaining are contacted by phone.

We have helped the Music and Worship Ministry also move into the 21st Century when they replaced their “antique” synthesizer with one that provides so many more options for the Music Minister to enhance our worship services and when they installed the ceiling mounted projector which allows us to project scripture, praise songs and other materials from our computers to the large screen.

We have provided not only a ramp to the main entrance, but a small portable one that can be placed on the two steps leading from the outside to the lower level of the building.

Each year we hold a Day of Caring. This is the day that volunteers come together and spruce up God’s House and His gardens.

We also oversaw the replacement of the flooring in the lower level and the installation of a propane fired hot water heater this past year and several years ago, the installation of air conditioning and new carpeting in the sanctuary and the new outside sign.

We recently replaced the old oil fired boiler with a new energy efficient natural gas fired one. We had the attic cleaned of bat residue, installed safe access to the attic and belfry area and will be installing insulation to cut down on heating and cooling costs.

We are presently looking into making the facility A.D.A. accessible for the future.

We maintain the cleaning of the facility as well as the upkeep of the gardens around the building.

As you can see, the property committee works hand in hand with all of the other ministries.

We like receiving your ideas about how to better serve God with our facility, welcome your questions about our building and grounds and the possibility of serving in this ministry.

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