Faith Family Choir

The Faith Family Choir is composed of any interested individuals who would like to contribute in this unique setting in worship. We rehearse every Sunday before worship service at. 9:50 am.

We sing selections that vary in interest and style from contemporary to traditional that will minister to a variety of ages and preferences. We are looking for people who love to worship.

Faith Family Choir

Annandale Ecumenical Choir

This choir is formed annually to minister at a community benefit held in December. This choir is open to everyone!

Children's Choir

The group consists of children from about fourth to eighth grade. Music is chosen that is most appropriate in style and difficulty for the present group. This group is usually organized around special times of the church year. Rehearsal time, although limited, is spent on good vocal production and techniques. We strive to produce the best we are capable of offering to the glory of God today, and building up young musicians to glorify God through song tomorrow.

Musical Style in Worship

We encourage the use of instruments in worship in various uses in both accompaniment and solo participation. Our worship is decidedly blended. We believe that music in particular offers great diversity of style. The poly-rhythms of the African drum can be every bit as worshipful as a contemporary band or historical hymn. In our worship today, a blended approach offers many ways to praise God.

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