Congregational Care

This ministry area shows care and concern for the Faith Family. We are interested in using our spiritual gifts to meet the needs of each member of the church community. Here are a few examples:

Newsletter: Our newsletter entitled "Connections" is published monthly and it provides a link between members' homes and the church.

Coffee Hour: Talking and eating together are an important part of our fellowship. This is one reason the hour following worship services is so dear to us. Everyone can take a turn as host.

Mother Hen: The church offers this service to bridal couples. A Mother Hen is a "behind the scenes" helping hand who comes to the church before the service, armed with a basket of everything that might be needed, such as needle and thread, asprin, tissues, etc. The Mother Hen makes sure the sanctuary is ready and even spreads the bride's train for that all important walk down the aisle.

Baby Showers: For Faith Family members taking the next step in their family, we host a coffee hour in their honor with a wishing well of gifts for the baby

Publicity: We make every effort to contact the greater community about any special events via the media

Directory: We publish a directory the first of each year with the names, addresses, phone numbers and where applicable, email addresses of all our members. We also have a section for "friends". This is where we list those friends who have moved out of the area, but still keep in touch. There is also a section of "who do I call". In this section you will find the person to call for whatever your need, whether it is to use the church facility for an event, put flowers on the alter, etc.

Email: We are now into the 21st Century. We no longer use the prayer chain to get out the messages of prayers needed or information that the congregation needs to have. We now have a group email and just one email will reach about 98% of the congregation. Those few remaining are being contacted by phone.

Caregivers: These good people provide care and support for Faith Family members who are going through difficult times by suppling meals at times of illness, a new baby, or a death in the family. We also supply transportation to doctor appointments or therapy sessions.

Card Ministry: This ministry marks those important events in our lives, weddings, babies, graduations, as well as expressing our concerns in times of illness and sympathy at the loss of a loved one.

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