Teens H.A.R.T.
(High Bridge Annandale Reformed Church Teens)

The youth group is getting ready for a Famine event. It is good to know that the youth are willing to sacrifice eating for 30 hours to help those whose needs are far greater than our own. We are planning a lot of fun things during that time. We are going to create a cardboard box homes to let them get a feel for what it is like to not have a traditional type home. They will be taking some time to recognize the blessings we have and to not take them for granted. This is all due to Love our Creator has for us. I am also planning a trip to Philadelphia, I wanted to try and go to Washington DC, but with such a large group(I know a great problem to have) it is very costly and would need a lot of chaperones. The trip to Philly can be a long one day event. I want to focus on our religion and how it was a strong part of the freedom and creation of a new government. I hope to get them to understand their voices count as citizens and as Christians. The meetings are going well, Jen and I are amazed at the energy level of the group. We have been focusing on the Easter Holiday and what it means to Christians the world over, as well as the significance of the Risen Lord. Jen and I strive weekly to try and keep the group spiritually focused as well as having a great time every week. We are back outside which is great since the days are longer. This allows for us to help them burn off some of that pent up energy. It also tires them out a little so they tend to be a little more focused during our message at the end of the meeting.Thanks for the continued Love and Support of the Congregation!

Mr. Pat

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